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Thirty-five years ago a business was created that was destined to become one of the most consumer-oriented companies to serve New England’s Colleges and Universities. Over the years, this business has listened and learned from students, parents and Higher Education Administrators to find options that allow us to serve our clientele in new and better ways. Through working with these individuals, a business which started as a company that specialized in refrigerator rentals, sales and service has now expanded to include a variety of solutions for moving, packing, shipping and storage. As our business has grown, our desire to listen and respond to the needs of the individuals we serve has not wavered. To reflect our “one-stop-shopping” experience, we have changed our name to “New England Student Services.” In order to inform our patrons about all the services we offer and continue to develop we have redesigned our website. Please take some time to explore our website and learn about the services we offer. We look forward to serving you through a long and lasting partnership


Vendor Qualifications:

New England Student Services (formerly The Refrigerator Company) is a company that has distinguished itself among New England Colleges and Universities as having unique qualities that provide a positive year-round experience.

  • Family Management: The foundation of New England Student Services’ success is its model of owner-based operation and management. Having a family-centered management team whose vision is based upon our commitment to quality, seamless and enjoyable service and sales transactions is crucial. Additionally, our family has a diversity of backgrounds and understands the importance of hard work and fiscal responsibility. This is why our pricing accurately reflects all the costs of providing a quality product, backed by the best service.  We are proud of our name and our reputation.
  • Company Size: As a small locally-owned company, we have the ability to work with a pre-determined number of Colleges and Universities. Ultimately, this affords us the ability to provide personalized interactions with each of our clients as well as offer a 24-hour service guarantee. When calling our company, consumers will quickly come to know our family by name Keeping the company size small is just one way in which we are able to manage the quality of our products, services and customer relations. After all, bad service means no business at all—it’s just that simple!
  • ProService Promise©: Those who contract with New England Student Services are receiving the best situation possible—for every service there is a product; for every product, there is a service. When we provide a refrigerator, we agree that we will provide service or repair if it were to malfunction. When we move a student’s belongings from their rooms to our secure storage area or ship them to his or her address, we offer packing and shipping supplies. When we recondition furniture, we pick up the items and return them within the allotted time. This is what we call our ProService Promise©.
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